RubberHill Rubber Tracks

Rubber track
is main product of RuberHill company. This product is widely used in construction and agriculture machines. Rubberhill is one of the first factories that develop and produce continuous rubber track. The main market for this product is European and American countries. RubberHill do have not only advanced technology, but also first-clas testing equipments. From raw materials to final to final finished products, every step is strictly controlled.

RubberHill Rubber Tracks continue to set the standard in terms of design and development, quality, reliability and product knowledge. As pioneers of the original continuous rubber tracks design, we offer the strongest tracks on the market today. With in excess of 2,500 tracks always in stock we provide a fast and cost effective service.

Our sales staff have a combined total of over 128 years experience working in the Construction Industry, and their extensive knowledge is unrivaled in the marketplace.

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New hall

We are building a new hall and are increasing the stock of rubber tracks for our dealers. ...


Modernized technical department

We have modernized our technical department and added a new test machines....


RubberHill rubber tracks

RubberHill rubber tracks are made of 50% natural rubber and 50% synthetic rubber. Natural rubber provides the tensile strength and flexibility, the synthetic component provides wear resistance and cut resistance. Tracks RubberHill don´t contain recycled rubber, therefore they are not harmful and they don´t damage the rubber tracks because thy don´t contain any benzene. This chemical is used as a solvent in the manufacture of cheap rubber for manufacturers who use recycled rubber as part of a rubber tracks mixture. Benzene causes the formation of microscopic cracks in the rubber tracks, which gradually leads to loss of compactness and dissolution . Finally the benefit of buying cheap rubber tracks brings no expected financial benefit because the lifespan is much shorter. Find out more.